IKEA Kitchen Items for the Bathroom

Sometimes the best place to look for bathroom products is the kitchen section. IKEA kitchen items are well-suited for an efficient bathroom, with plenty of wall-mounted storage units, rails that can double as towel bars, sinks, cabinets, and countertops:

Top: In the bathroom, the Asker Dish Drainer ($29.99) becomes a towel shelf or a spot for soap, and the Asker Holder ($10.99) contains shampoo bottles and a washcloth.

White Asker Containers ($5.99 - $7.99) can serve as bathroom caddies, and Asker Hooks ($3.99 for 5) can hold towels.

Sota Jars ($2.99) can hold cotton balls and Q-tips. Countertops come in wood, stone, acrylic, and laminates.

The Grundtal Cutlery Caddy ($5.99) could hold your toothbrush, while magnetic Grundtal Containers ($4.99 for 3) can sort smaller items.

Kitchen knobs and handles for the bathroom: Tyda Handles ($9.99 for 2), Takta Handles ($4.99-$6.99 for 2), and Artig Handles ($7.99 for 2).

This photo shows the Domsjo Double Bowl Sink ($311), which could work in a bathroom. For more kitchen sinks and faucets, click here.

The Bravad, Udden, and Varde systems all offer lots of freestanding cabinet options.