(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

It's a perennial question here at Ohdeedoh: which potty is best? There are plenty of great designs on the market, but they generally don't come cheap. At home we have a Baby Bjorn potty, but I don't love the thought of toting around a potty training ring every time we hit the road (especially when I'm already hauling a toddler and twin babies). So where does that leave us for trips to grandma's house?

When we found the IKEA LÄTTSAM potty for a mere $4.99, we bought a short stack. One went to my mom's house, another to my in-laws, and another in our downstairs powder room, for times when nature calls and refuses to hold while we hustle upstairs. The design is compact, simple and easy to clean. I'm contemplating one in the car trunk for play dates. Check it out at IKEA.

(Image: IKEA)