IKEA Mirror Transformed With Nightclub Chic LED Lighting

IKEA Mirror Transformed With Nightclub Chic LED Lighting

Gregory Han
Mar 25, 2013

At first I thought this was a futuristic-style doorway illuminated by LED as a visual indicator for an entrance/exit. But upon closer inspection of the photos (and description) from this IKEA Hackers project, the light-framed passageway revealed itself to be a dramatic reflection of style...

Jussi of Finland describes additional touches made to his LED powered  

To get some cool vibes out of my Hovet mirror placed at the very end of a narrow hallway, I decided to play a little bit with LED lightning.

To boost the effect of the ambient light, I painted the wall with a structure paint, so that the surface becomes slightly three-dimensional. For some extra comfort, I also attached a remote controlled power switch behind the mirror.
An IKEA HOVET mirror will set you back $129.00 (here it is just leaning against a wall for reference and in daylight), but this project should work with a variety of similar mirrors, even those cheap-o cardboard backed models available at Target or KMart (with additional spacing between the mirror and the wall). Here's a more traditional and subtle LED+mirror project from Instructables for reference for how to modify a mirror for LED backlighting:

More photos and details about Jussi's LED backlit mirror over at IKEA Hackers project here.

(Images: Jussi/IKEA Hackershells oui)

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