Ikea Sells Solar Panels?

Ikea Sells Solar Panels?

Well, not yet. But in the next few years Ikea could be adding new products with names like SOLLARVIK PÅNNEL, and WÅTERD METÖRD. According to a recent report, our favorite seller of stuff is now looking to sell environmentally friendly products on the cheap…

IKEA's latest sustainable initiatives have included eliminating plastic bags, formaldehyde and PVC, and using FSC certified wood. Now, Ikea plans to focus on investing in five core areas — solar panels, alternative light sources, product materials, energy efficiency, and water saving and purification. Here's an excerpt from CleanTech Group's interview with Johan Stenebo, managing director of Ikea GreenTech:

"We're already talking to companies," Johan Stenebo, managing director of Ikea GreenTech, told the Cleantech Group. He said Ikea is likely to make its first investments this year. "That's certainly our aim to make happen."

Stenebo said the cleantech products will follow the same guidelines as the company's other products.

"Really low prices, and they should be of very good quality. That's the only thing we look at, we would never look at anything else, we would discard anything else that doesn't fall into those boundaries," he said. "Whether it's home furnishings or it's greentech products."

Umm... okay, inexpensive alternative energy for the masses is good. But does this mean it will come in 50 different pieces and an Allen wrench to put it all together?

via Greentech

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