IKEA: Plant-a-Tree Cool the Globe

Desperate to hide from the heat, I stopped by IKEA to check out the new fall items I saw in their latest catalog. Well, turns out that IKEA is doing more than just providing air-conditioned stores to cool things down. IKEA has teamed up with American Forests to help clean the air and sequester carbon through tree planting. There are these little cards that are by the cashier stand that you give to the cashier. It's for $1 to plant a tree. Ikea will match that dollar for the first 100,000 trees planted.

The average American family needs to plant 30 trees to offset their daily energy use. Each IKEA store will plant enough trees (about 33,100 trees each year) to offset the annual CO2 emmisions produced by IKEA co-workes and visitors driving to the store each year. The trees will be planted in American Forestst Global ReLeaf projects around the US. Visit your local IKEA store or you can also donate online.