IKEA Show: Everyday Fabulous

This is just in from Insta-Reporter David!

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Even IKEA is joining the fun. IKEA has set up a temporary concept store in Manhattan called Everyday Fabulous. Located at 537 w. 35th. Street, the store is open from May 19 through May 23. You enter through a “funhall tunnel” reminiscent of a haunted house and wind up in a cavernous space filled with a whimsical display of IKEA home furnishings.

One wall was composed of 39 bookcases filled with books, an impressive idea if one has the space. There are also oversized mirrors, which seem perfect for a teen girls room and cost only $19.99. Everyday Fabulous is a fun place to go for inspiration, and since they provide dog bowls full of water, you might want to bring your pooch. - David S.

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