IKEA to Sell Solar Panels in the UK

Design News 10.08.13

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The Swedish furniture giant sells nearly everything you'd need for the home, and now they even offer solar panels. It took five years, but the combination of low-cost panels from China and Britain's solar subsidies means all of IKEA's UK stores will start selling panels (£5,700 for 18) within the next 10 months.

In other news, research built the Trapper Keeper, and Professor Dumpster teaches his students about sustainability, from a dumpster. See the headlines after the jump.

No Assembly Required: Ikea To Sell Solar Panels In U.K. | NPR
The Story Of How Meticulous Research Built The Trapper Keeper | Co.Design
"Professor Dumpster" Is Moving Into A Garbage Can, And Bringing His Students | Co.Exist

(Image: via Apartment Therapy)

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