Ikea's Biggest Seller Ever: FAMNIG HJÄRTA

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So you want to be a famous designer? We had the good fortune of spending yesterday afternoon with Harry Allen, who told us, apropos of talking about great product design skill aligning with great product design success, that the most popular product in Ikea's history was their heart pillow with arms, the Famnig Hjärta, designed by Anna Efverlund. Who would have ever thought that this 100 % polyester, $9.99 corny cushion would be a bigger seller than the Billy Bookcase, the Lack Shelf or Harry's own Kila Lamp? Harry said he knew the secret....

...The color red. People just love it.

Here's a nice article from Slate about touring Ikea in Sweden with Anna Efverlund, IKEA: A Force for Aesthetic Good.

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