IKEA's Shopping Bags Will Cost You

IKEA's Shopping Bags Will Cost You

Regina Yunghans
May 15, 2007

Photo by Ricky Carioti -- The Washington Post

Before you get angry with retail giant IKEA's move to put a price tag on their disposable shopping bags, check out their ...

They are donating all proceeds from disposable bags to American Forests, the US's oldest citizens nonprofit conservation organization. They anticipate raising about $7 million for the group, while cutting the use of their throw-away shopping bags in half. IKEA started charging for bags on March 15, 2007.

ATLA has great coverage of this in March right when it happened:
IKEA to charge for plastic bags?
UPDATE: Ikea USA charging for bags

And their blue reuseable bags, which once cost $.99 each, are now $.59. Just one more step in promoting reuse and reducing waste. As one AT reader said, "Get one and use it for laundry, groceries ... more Ikea trips."

(Thanks for the tip, Fiona, Apointe, and Anne!)

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