IKEA Coffee Table Gets a Marble-and-Gold Makeover

The Hunted Interior

IKEA's VITTSJÖ bookshelf is a great piece that's not only affordable and functional, but really easy to make over with a bit of paint. The results are surprising... surprisingly expensive-looking, actually. So one might guess the coffee table from the same line could get the same boost from just a little bit of DIY TLC too, right?

Kristin of The Hunted Interior followed that same line of thought when she found the IKEA VITTSJÖ nested tables at Goodwill (although they're totally afforable at the $59.99 regular price). Guided by inspiration like this $900 coffee table from Wisteria, Kristin gave the IKEA tables a gold-and-marble makeover. With just paint. Seriously.

The frames of the tables got a quick hit with metallic gold spray paint, and Kristin painted the flat bottom surface of the long table with a deceptively easy faux marble paint tutorial from Danika of Gorgeous Shiny Things (check out Danika's technique on her laminate kitchen counters).

For extra credit, Kristin eventually added some authentic gold leaf to the spray-painted frame. I love the look either way, and am now stuck wondering what surfaces in my apartment I can paint to make more luxe. I feel like the Midas of faux marble.

(Image credits: The Hunted Interiror; IKEA; The Hunted Interior; Gorgeous Shiny Things)