I'm Dreaming of a Plaid Christmas

Rue Magazine

I can't help it — I love plaid. I blame it on my Scottish heritage. It's in my blood. You know what else I love? Christmas. Put it all together and what have you got? The dark, moody perfection of a plaid Christmas.

Rue Magazine bills the party behind this shoot as a "Christmas bash for the boys," but I can attest to its cross-gender appeal. It takes place at the home of Scott Meacham Wood, an interior designer and fellow plaid lover (he has a blog called The Adventures of Tartanscott).

Of course we can't all have a collection of antique tartan china, but if you want to get this look at home, a few throw pillows, a nice cozy plaid blanket, and some greenery should do the trick - check out our "Perfectly Plaid Holiday" inspiration board and shopping guide.

(Image credits: Rue)