I'm On A Boat: The High Tech Houseboat Lifestyle

I'm On A Boat: The High Tech Houseboat Lifestyle

Jason Yang
Aug 23, 2011

Everyone loves the idea of owning a boat, but in reality it's an expensive and high maintenance love affair that doesn't always go smoothly. But what if that boat were your home and you stayed there 24x7? Check out these fascinating houseboats and a boatload more from Apartment Therapy.

This family's 170x20 foot houseboat is absolutely massive and it's packed to the gills with high tech gear. 31 Klipsch speakers, a Vudu Box, iPod dock, and Blu-ray feed seven Samsung LED TVs. There's eight touchpads that control the whole shebang, as well as adjusting the lights and monitoring the surveillance cameras. An iPad app allows the owners to remotely prep the boat's lights and musics before they even arrive!

Oh, just your usual 55" living room LED TV - on a boat!

Can you believe this is the houseboat's patio? It's bigger than most on dry land!

This more modest 35-foot houseboat delivers high style along with a Bose stereo with iPod connection, 32" flat screen TV with built-in DVD player, and touch screen lights and dimmers.

Around $100k for prefab modern living like this? On a houseboat? Sold!

This houseboat in Hamburg, Germany is delightfully modern.

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