imm Living Hand Sign USB Drives

Recently we had the task of finding a last second birthday gift for a friend who is interested in tech gear, but not necessarily a gadget-guy. The sort of person who is more about tech accessories than someone obsessed with the gear itself. We were fortunate to find something at our local fav gift shop that hit that mark; a gift that would not clutter his life, while also adding a bit of utility to his digital lifestyle.

The IMM Living line of USB drives range from key-shaped flash memory (our initial choice) to a wide selection of USB drives shaped into the recognizable pop culture hand signs (peace, Vulcan, gun, Westside, Eastside, Fist, rocker-horn). The somewhat pricey ($35) drives are basically tiny sculptures that double up as 2GB USB 2.0 drives. If the hand sign shapes don't float your boat, there's also a variety of other shapes, including a comb, clover, eyeglasses, feather and a strange Wahol quote drive to choose from.