Running Out of Space? How To Improve Your Phone Storage in 5 Minutes

Running Out of Space? How To Improve Your Phone Storage in 5 Minutes

Elizabeth Giorgi
Apr 9, 2014
(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

Carrying around a small computer in your purse is both a gift and a curse. Having a camera, email access and games at the ready is helpful, but it's easy for a phone to become overload and run out of storage.

Here are a few quick ways to keep your phone's storage needs in check:

1. Streamline email accounts: The hiding eater of storage on many smartphones is email accounts. Attachments and copies of both sent and received mail can eat up megabytes quickly, so, make sure to archive any unneeded mail and reduce the number of accounts on the phone to just a select few. In some cases, it may be more effective to open emails on the phone's browser.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

2. Save images to the cloud: The downside to having high quality cameras on our phones is that we never stop to actually remove the photos from the device. In addition, consider saving a copy on a computer or an external hard drive too for those who get extra cautious. Start making the effort to delete any images that aren't absolutely necessary on the device itself.

3. Check apps for surprising file sizes: Some games and apps have all these additional "features" which must be downloaded to access. With games, in particular, it can be easy to lose track of 500 MB game which is no longer be played.

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