In Case You Missed It: Reducing Laser Printer Waste

In Case You Missed It: Reducing Laser Printer Waste

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 25, 2008

Our associates at Re-nest have a good point: printers are one of the largest contributors to e-waste in our country. Since it's Green month, we thought we'd sum up a few ways you can deal with that broken laser printer of yours when seems like it has outlived its lifetime.

As mentioned in Re-nest's posting a few days back, you can order a package from Fix Your Own, and they will send you a bunch of tools, instructions, and replacement parts to you fix that printer before claiming it as "long gone." The prices are relatively cheap ($20) compared to going out and purchasing a brand new printer, despite how cheap printers have come down these days. Plus, the environment will thank you in the long run.

The next best thing you can do is bring it to your local recycling center. All cities have one. It's much harder for companies to dump waste at these sites because it costs a lot of money to recycle these items, but as a resident, you can definitely stop our landfills from filling up with electronic junk by throwing them into marked boxes and mailing them to local pickup services such as San Ramon's disposal services and the Alameda County Computer Resource Center in Berkeley.

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