In Case You Missed It: Kelly's Hide and Seek Television

In Case You Missed It: Kelly's Hide and Seek Television

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 19, 2009

Today's AT Daily email from Maxwell looks at Kelly Geisen's inspired television hutch inside a model fireplace she built herself. That's right. Before there was just a flat wall, but Kelly found an old fireplace mantel that could also serve as a flat screen's housing. More photos after the jump...

The interior designer who lives on the upper west side of Manhattan, "designed, scavenged and built this entire television housing from scratch," Maxwell writes. "Kelly, a huge collector, found the mantle at an antique shop and had it built onto the wall. Meanwhile she had already made sure that all the proper wiring was in place (cable, electricity, speakers, etc)."

The flat screen is installed into the mantel's opening with another, tighter frame installed around it. All the wires and boxes are hidden behind a panel below the television.
Above is another mantel Kelly built for the bedroom.
Kelly's other design trick: Using a fireplace screen to hide the TV when it's powered down. The screen is backed with plexi mirrors, which reflect tons of light.

photos: Kelly G Design

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