In My Bedroom: Jashiro Dean, Nikki & Terry Brooks

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Title: Eillot
Photographer: Jashiro Dean

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Title: Just the basics
Photographer: Nikki
Description: This is right after I moved into my place, and had just re-carpeted the bedroom. I only had the energy to haul the necessities in, but rather enjoyed the simplicity after a hectic move... the lighting felt just delicious!

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Title: Let the Light In
Photographer: Terry Brooks
Description: This was taken around 1971. My daughters have been helping me scan in slides and negatives from my college photography days. They convinced me to submit this photo for your consideration. The Shutterfly page is where we are sharing the photos with family members and friends.
They are helping me with an Etsy shop, but it's not quite ready. If my photo is chosen, you would be welcome to link to my email address, rather than the Shutterfly.




This year we are going to change themes more often. Our fourth theme is In My Bedroom. Drawing from this theme we hope you will submit more pictures for us to feature each Friday.

Here are the ground rules for 2008:

1. The title of of the picture must relate to the words "In My Bedroom" (you may define that any way you like)
2. The picture should relate to the concept of home (you may define that any way you like)

This is our weekly celebration of ACCESSIBLE photography, which means beautiful artwork that you can actually hang on your wall tonight.

We're happy to be doing it with our friends Marty Weiss and Hannah Wallace. who are curating pics from Meter Gallery. Reader submissions will be posted bi-weekly and Meter will be in between. That means it a full on amateur and professional show!



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Here's a crazy StumbleLoop that we made out of all the extras from last year:

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