In Search of Round Baskets?

In Search of Round Baskets?

Colleen Quinn
Nov 19, 2009

Q: Please help! I've been searching for baskets like these for months to no avail. In a small apt like mine (less than 300 sq feet), too many square edges makes the room feel boxed in. These would add a perfect soft round texture to the room. Any suggestions or a push in the right direction?

Sent by Jessie

Editor: Jessie- Though we haven't been able to locate those exact baskets, we did find some similar ones; our favorites are the Winston baskets from Pottery Barn that are pictured above. Crate and Barrel has some round baskets on its website, and your local craft store might also be a good resource. Can any readers identify the baskets in Jessie's picture or do any of you have your own favorite basket sources?

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