In Search of the Perfect Headphones

Shopping Guide

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Shopping for headphones that look cool, sound good, and meet your budget? We've scanned past product reviews for the best recommendations.

Headphones: High & Low

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Product: Nokia BH-905i Wireless Headphones, $200
Best for: Commuters who want a good wireless, noise canceling set
Pros: 25-hour battery time, you can use them wirelessly or plugged in
Cons: Expensive

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Product: Urbanears Plattan Heaphones, $60
Best for: Fashionistas who want their headphones to match their outfits
Pros: Compact, affordable, available in 8 colors
Cons: More focused on style than great sound

5093f324d9127e2f2600048c. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop The Ghostly Store
Product: AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones, $200
Best for: DJs who love minimal, modern design
Pros: Lightweight, great sound, good price for DJ headphones
Cons: Expensive for home headphone users

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Product: Grado Prestige SR225i Headphones, $200
Best for: Audiophiles who listen to music mainly at home
Pros: Stylish, great sound
Cons: Leaks sound, annoying to co-commuters on the subway

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Product: Eskuche Control Headphones in Beige, $60
Best for: People who want high style at a good price
Pros: Retro style, good sound, comfortable, affordable
Cons: Construction is a little less solid than more expensive brands

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Product: Audio-Technica ATH-M50, $120
Best for: Audiophiles who need headphones for work or home use
Pros: Comfortable, strong sound
Cons: Not as pretty as other designs & sports a giant logo across the top

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Product: Sennheiser HD 25-1-II, $200
Best for: All-around sound quality and performance
Pros: Sennheisers represent the gold standard for headphones
Cons: Pricey (see this tip for upgrading your Sennheisers with a screwdriver)

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Product: Banjo Headphones, $77
Best for: People who want a good-looking set of headphones
Pros: Comes in 7 colors, looks hot
Cons: One Urban Outfitters reviewer says, "looks really nice, but only sounds good with techno stuff" (LOL)

Earbuds: High & Low

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Product: Klipsch Image S4i, $95
Best for: Gym rats who need good earbuds for working out
Pros: Snug fit, noise-isolating design, volume control on the cord
Cons: Expensive for earbuds

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Product: JVC HA-FX35 (Blue) Marshmallow Earbuds, $15
Best for: Everyday listeners who want a stylish set of earbuds
Pros: Inexpensive, comfortable, comes in tons of colors
Cons: Not everyone likes the squishy, form-fitting design

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Product: Nixon Socket Earbuds, $30
Best for: People who want good style, comfort, and a decent price
Pros: Stylish design hooks over the ear to stay in place
Cons: Some people find the over-ear style uncomfortable

Photo: Urbanears Plattan Headphones at AC Gears