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Despite how comfortable you are with your home, there are probably some areas that you would prefer keep under wraps. Maybe it's the kitty litter area, under the kitchen sink, or that drawer in the kitchen where all the miscellaneous items are tossed. On her blog Chez Larsson, author Benita shows how she keeps the little, out of the way spots in her home looking nice and functioning smoothly. In this example, she shows how an easy transformed a sad looking corner into a clean and tidy area for her cat's things.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The changes are uncomplicated and simple, but make a world of difference. Adding a fresh coat of paint, swapping the outdated shelving unit for new, sturdy, wall-mounted shelves, and changing the old litter box for one that, while larger, actually takes up less visual space, are all easy changes that would take very little time.

Seeing how Benita breaks larger projects down into smaller, more manageable steps is helpful. Earlier, Benita showed how she made an adjustment to her fuse box to cover a protruding and unsightly portion (the result of which can be seen above.)

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(Images: Chez Larsson)