In the News: Bring on the Beige … Toilet Paper?

In the News: Bring on the Beige … Toilet Paper?

Kate Legere
Feb 2, 2012

All this toilet paper talk on Apartment Therapy, and Cascades Tissue Group is launching a beige toilet paper dubbed Moka. It's unbleached, made from 100% recycled fibers, and the manufacturing process is offset with 100 percent certified renewable wind electricity.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

Cascades says dropping the extra step of bleaching reduces the environmental impact of Moka toilet paper by about 25% compared to their white recycled paper because of energy savings and other benefits ... To get its toilet paper the perfect color--not too "gray and dirty" or "dark brown"--Cascades makes the rolls with a recipe of 20% recycled corrugated box combined with other fiber, says Isabelle Faivre, marketing director for Cascades Tissue Group, owned by Cascades Inc. and one of the largest sellers of paper towels and tissues in North America.

Brown paper towels, sure, brown toilet paper, not so sure, but I'd be willing to give it a try when it makes its way to a store shelf near me. Does toilet paper fall into the brand loyalty category, or would you consider trying this new one, brown and all?

(Image: Cascades Tissue Group)

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