In the Studio with Lauren Moffatt

In the Studio with Lauren Moffatt

Name: Fashion Designer Lauren Moffatt
Location: New York City
Years Worked in: 8

New York City based designer Lauren Moffatt dreams up clothes that every stylish young woman would want to wear. Both colorful and comfortable, her pieces stand out with their sweet details and unexpected color combinations. When we first met Lauren it was in a house tour, where we got a peek into her stylish home, and now we're taking you on a tour of her NYC studio. 

Lauren's home has such a comfortable and yet stylish feel about it. She combines vintage pieces with modern ones, and a dash of wit and humor. Knowing she is a creative person made me curious to see where she puts together her creations. She graciously invited me to tour her work space and share it with the readers of Apartment Therapy. 

According to Lauren, the great lighting is what makes the space a good working environment. "Light pours in through nice original old windows, and the high ceilings accommodate our racks and racks of patterns."

For Lauren and her team, one of their favorite things about the space is the location: "My favorite thing about our studio is that it's not in the garment district. We spent our first 5 years there and have had our fill....."

Thinking about similarities and differences between her work space and home style, I asked if her  fashion choices impact her home  

"Without realizing it's happening, my studio and my living space all look very Lauren Moffatt. I have a consistent aesthetic that is carried through everything I do. Because the studio is really a working environment, it's not specifically decorated. But because of all the fabrics, colors and racks of clothes, by default, it's very LM."

Thanks, Lauren!

(Images: Liana Hayles Walker)

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