As the weather begins to warm up, we tend to migrate outdoors into nature. Here in the Pacific Northwest, Spring and Summer are our reprieve from drizzle and gray, and the outdoors offers some of the best hikes in the country. While the weather is still in transition, enjoy these outdoorsy prints by several amazing independent artists. Perhaps one might be perfect for bringing the outdoors in?

  1. Birch Trees in Pink by Lisa Congdon, $18, available from Assemble Shop & Studio
  2. Find a Beautiful Place and Get Lost by Slide Sideways, $20, also available from Assemble Shop & Studio.
  3. Tree Graphic Print by Ruby Faz on Etsy, $18. 
  4. Silence is Golden by Dan McCarthy, 18"x24" print, $40. 
  5. Mid Century Trees print by NoodleHug on Etsy, $27.

(Images: as linked above)