In-Bed Laptop Riser From a Cheap Ikea Benjamin Stool

When we see a groovy Ikea-hacked DIY project once, it's a cool concept. But when we see it twice—especially with a built-in cord management solution—it becomes a bona-fide brilliant idea worthy of an at-home improvisation of your own. Check out the directions below.

Yep, we've featured an eerily similar project before using the same Ikea stool.

But this new iteration has a new purpose (a bed riser for late-night Netflix Instant Stream marathons) and a new feature (built-in cord management for that tricky MacBook power cord).

Chris at Man Made DIY used a saw to chop off the legs of a $19 Ikea Benjamin stool and fitted it with two strategically placed towel hooks that you can wrap an extra-long cord around.

The Benjamin stool is discontinued now, but you should be able to score a similar bent plywood stool from another mass-market big box (Target has something similar). Once you find it, follow the instructions from Man Made DIY here.

Via Lifehacker

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