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Though we love color in interior spaces, we have to admit: we’re a wimp when it comes to black. We know how gorgeous black walls can look (we’ve got a slew of Apartment Therapy posts as evidence); we still don’t think we’re ready to start wrapping our rooms in the color.

If you’re like us and love the graphic and contrasting pop that black can bring to a room but are a bit hesitant to incorporate it due to its potential to be a bit overwhelming, join us in our round-up of black pillows. Using black pillows is a fun way to add black into a space while not overwhelming the rest of the palette, and it's a great way to test out whether black will work in a room. Great-looking on a bed, chair, sofa or even the floor, pillows are a simple and affordable way to try out this bold new color in your spaces. While it’s not necessarily the next best thing to painting your walls black, it can be your first step in embracing this unusual color for a space.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
(From left to right, top to bottom:)

Ferm Living Black Ribbed Pillow $110
Urban Outfitters Velvet Linen Pillow $32
Dransfield & Ross Biased plaid Pillow
Thomas Paul Greyhound Ebony Pillow $94
Madeline Weinrib Black Mu Pillow
NotNeutral Triton Throw Pillow $80
Thomas Paul Dervish in Ebony Linen Pillow $100
Dransfield & Ross Knots Pillow

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
(From left to right, top to bottom:)

Thomas Paul Coral Ebony Linen Pillow $100
Dransfield & Ross Micro Sequin Pillow
DwellStudio Talon Long Throw Pillow $98
Marimekko Tuuli Pillow Cover $60
Thomas Paul Kabuki Pillow $100
Dransfield & Ross Flocked Damask Pillow
Anthropologie Shaggy Pillow $98
Jonathan Adler Newport Pillow $110

Starting with pillows is just one tip to introducing a bold new color in a space. What are your favorite tips? Do you favor going with a piece of furniture in that color first, maybe starting out with a rug, or do you jump right in and paint your walls with a bold color? Let us know!

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