Incorporating Something New Into Your Home

050109-new01.jpgLike getting a new piece of clothing, getting a new something for your home, whether it's a big piece like a rug or a couch or a small piece like a vase or a some glassware, suddenly shifts your perspective on your other items. We had this experience on Wednesday night. We'd attended the opening of the new CB2 store and, of course, came home with a little something we fell in love with. What did we come home with and what did we learn, after the jump...

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We brought home a gnome! It's something we'd been coveting for weeks. But once we brought it home and tried to find a place for it, we had a dilemma. It wasn't quite fitting in with our home's current style. Trying to incorporate it, we realized that our style was shifting but that our home wasn't yet reflecting the changes. Here was something silly and modern and our home was not quite there. While we haven't quite found a place for it, it's a subtle hint to ourselves that it's time to start the process. What about you? Have you brought anything home lately and had a similar realization?