Ms. Koestler's Project: Indoor Garden

Apartment Therapy + Donors Choose: Ready...Set...Grow!

School: Murray Hill Academy (High Poverty)
City: New York, New York
Teacher: Ms. Koestler

Project: Going to school on the 8th floor in New York City can make anyone feel like the whole world is made of concrete. We are trying to bring the experience of the outdoors into our classrooms. With these supplies, students will be able to plant and grow their own vegetables! 

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My Students: Our students are energetic, motivated city dwellers. They long for the outdoors, but it's not always possible due to funding and scheduling issues. They don't get to experience nature on an everyday basis, so we will do our best to bring it to them!

My Project: Our school has an after school program called the Green Team. This group works to make our school as sustainable as possible. They make signs informing others about the benefits of recycling and the dangers of over working our planet. They also implement proper recycling receptacles in all rooms. We would love to extend this program to include an indoor garden. We have several places in our school with windows where the plants would thrive. I can't think of a better way for city students to experience nature in a limited environment than to grow their own food!

My students need soil, containers, hand shovels, herbs, veggies, flowering plants, a watering can, a large planter and fertilizer. We hope to enjoy a salad together!

Many of our students believe that the city streets are all that is out there. I think exposing them to what farmers witness every day will show them a small portion of the world and society that they never knew existed.

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