Indoor Garden Inspiration: Bring In The Terracotta!

Indoor Garden Inspiration: Bring In The Terracotta!

Leah Moss
Apr 13, 2011

Terracotta is one of the most quintessential materials of Spring. And while it looks lovely in the garden, it looks inspired when brought indoors and used in groups. Instant indoor garden!

Despite its widespread appeal, the classic terracotta pot remains one of the most affordable planting containers. Your local home and garden center should offer a variety of sizes for a few dollars a piece, and often this time of year local thrift store are practically giving them away.

Try grouping clusters of terracotta pots for a potted herb garden right on your dining room table or kitchen window sill, or devote a whole sideboard or bookcase to your pots for indoor potting shed appeal.

Since I'm not especially adept at actually keeping my plants alive, this year I'm sticking to a these long-lasting, easy-care plants.

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