Terrarium Lamps

Terrarium Lamps

Gregory Han
Nov 27, 2006

We've said it once and we'll say it again: we love terrariums The humble terrarium is officially back in vogue, seemingly showing up in all the various design and decor magazines these days. And why not? The terrarium's charm stems from the combination of the bio-supportive system's simplicity (plant, water, grow, and enjoy with half the necessary care of a regular plant) and the inherent beauty of creating your own botanical garden in a bottle, jar, or shaped container.

Looking for a sophisticated and decor enhancing terrarium option? We love these Terrarium Lamps from The HomePort, available in large and small sizes, and a good candidate for a small cacti or succulent garden "under shade".

And we've got a bad crush on Bleach Design's "MyGrass" Terrarium, a large 12" glass and white porcerlain botanical dwelling for your green leaved friends who want to live in modernist digs (available at local favourites, A+R of Silver Lake, in tall or low configurations).

On the affordable end, Dunecraft offers several prepackaged terrariums for children and adults alike. Interested in growing a "bonsai" garden, complete with Elm, Lilac, Pea Shrub Beauty Bush and Butterfly Bush? How about an herb garden, where in a few weeks you can harvest basil, cilantro, dill, parsley and sage? There's also a fairy or a witches' wood themed terrarium, alongside a terrarium filled with normally fickle carnivorous plants. And if these are all out of your budget, just take an empty bottle or jar and make your own!
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