Spring is upon us, and things are beginning to bloom for many of us. Green grass is returning and new growth is popping up. Why not bring some of this springtime beauty into your home?
  1. The Forest Floor Treasure Tapestry from Angela Adams is a "multifaceted landscape of color, texture and dimension." Bring a little forest magic into your living room!
  2. Craft:, one of our favorite resources for amazing projects, led us to this lawn-inspired DIY from Lion Brand Yarn.
  3. Anita Bell's Landscape Rugs are inspired by the land, the sea, and everything in between. The folks at Eskayel met her at ICFF last year and posted all about it.
  4. Donna Wilson shared an image of this gorgeous landscape rug discovered in Rosanna Orlandi, an insprational shop in an old tie factory.
  5. Taking an aerial view of the agricultural landscape, Florian Pucher has created this gorgeous and plush handcrafted rug. You'll feel like you're flying in your own home.
  6. For a bit of a "tamed" and specifically groomed landscape, this rug recreates the grass and chalk lines of a football field. Designed by Karin Mannerstål for Kateha, it's simple enough to be versatile, but would really look great in a kid's space. Via idBEST.
  7. Another manicured landscape, the Amazed Rug and Wall hanging conjures images of royal gardens and labyrinths. From Madeline & Dudley.
  8. For a more abstract landscape and a totally DIY take, Kristin St. Clair over at Martha Stewart shares this rug made of felt scraps. I may create some "scraps" just to make one of these rugs!
  9. For a good old-fashioned plot of soft spring grass, check out this Silk Shaggy rug from TheHome.se. If you don't immediately want to walk barefoot on this, I don't know what else to offer you!
Images: As linked above