Indoor/Outdoor Rooms from Vincent Sheppard

European manufacturer Vincent Sheppard produces Lloyd Loom weaves, a style of wicker furniture created from latex wrapped around aluminum wire frames. Their catalog is the perfect place to look for indoor/outdoor inspiration, since their furnishings are made to straddle both settings. Dining sets and armchairs are staged in rooms that range from contemporary lofts to Moroccan courtyards to rustic kitchens...FIRST ROW1 Natural furnishings create a material link between indoors and out. • 2 A low bench along the windowsill looks out over the garden. • 3 French doors form a passageway from the wicker dining set to the garden. • 4 Tile floors and walls, bathed in natural light, create a courtyard effect. • 5 Large-scale potted plants transform a dining room into a greenhouse.

6 Natural linen curtains and sheers let the sunlight stream through.
7 A wooden farm table looks great with modern wicker chairs.
8 Neutral tones and sheer curtains reinforce a simple, earthy aesthetic.
9 Lattice screens and Moroccan arches divide space without blocking light.
10 A seating arrangement of wicker chairs works in the garden or the living room.

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