Indulge Your Design Dreams with A Vacation Rental

Indulge Your Design Dreams with A Vacation Rental

Carrie McBride
Jul 18, 2013

Is your home not the modern masterpiece you aspire to? Live your dream, if only for a week, by renting a vacation property that excites your aesthetic senses. The internet has made it easy for designophiles and architecture lovers to indulge their design dreams and perhaps bring some design inspiration home with them.

These ten give you an idea of the kinds of homes available to rent. Most are surprisingly affordable, especially if you're sharing the cost with several people.

  1. The Box House, Nova Scotia, Halifax region, Canada
  2. Swan Lake Vacation House, Catskills Region, New York, US
  3. Water Street Rental, Brooklyn, New York, US
  4. Frank Lloyd Wright for Seth Peterson Cottage, Mirror Lake, Wisconsin, US
  5. Evian les Bains Vacation Villa, Lake Geneva, Switzerland
  6. Lost River Modern Prefab, Lost River, West Virginia, US
  7. Mid Century Home, Palm Springs, California, US
  8. Palmer + Kriesel-designed Alexander House, Palm Springs, California, US
  9. Neal Creek Retreat, Hood River, Oregon, US
  10. Lyham Road Rental, Clapham, London, England

For general tips on finding a designy vacation rental:

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