Inexpensive Art: Berkley Illustration

It's no secret that we're big fans of Berkley Illustration. We've always had a thing for anthropomorphic animals, especially ones that are as cute as these. They are ridiculously well priced (think less than lunch) and will age right along with your children (heck, even we want some for our bedroom). Click through to see more!

Most the pricing at the Berkley Illustration Etsy store is simple. The price depends on the size print you are looking for. $8 for 5"x7", $15 for 8"x10", and $30 for 11"x17".

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Each animal has a back story to tell, for instance, you might think this guy is just your standard flying meerkat. You'd be wrong! He also plays piano, paints, draws, and he once had the world’s largest model Porsche collection. Ask him about the time he played the keyboard while doing a double barrel roll.

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It's hard for us to choose a favorite amongst all of these great illustrations, so don't forget to see what else is in the Berkley Illustration Etsy shop!

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You can keep tabs on Ryan Berkley from his blog, Let's Share or from his Flickr to stay abreast on his latest animal, monster and zombie creations!

(Images via Berkley Illustration)

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