Infant and Child CPR Classes

Infant and Child CPR Classes

Julia Cho
May 10, 2007

Noone likes to think about those scenarios, but it never hurts to be prepared. For parents like us, it helps us feel more confident to know we've done all we can.

The class can cost from $25-$45 per person and we've heard of people giving the class to parents as a shower gift. We want to know what you think. Would this kind of gift- practical though it is, seem less than celebratory at a baby shower? Have you taken an infant or child CPR class? Read on if you want information on finding a class.

If you're looking for CPR classes, make sure they're specific to the age of your child; there are both infant and child CPR classes. The best places to look are local hospitals, and your local chapters of the Red Cross.

We found this link at Baby with all you need to know.

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