Infierno 103 Wood Grill

Maxwell’s Daily Find 07.19.12

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Infierno 103 Wood Grill

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Grillworks Inc.

Want to blow your wood grilling mind? I just found the latest creation by this high end wood fired grill company after teaming up with Dan Barber of Blue Hill. This thing is a massive stage of a grill for a bigger dining experience. Check out the description below. Of course, if you want something more modest and affordable, check out their Standard Grill.

"The grill's central fire station creates a powerful chimney effect, drawing air through whole pieces of wood and burning them fast enough to provide a continuous fresh coal supply to the grilling stations. It also has an upper lip for placing baskets or pans for a hot sear. Each grilling station has perforated upper fixed shelves for resting or warming, plus a three position sub-shelf system for smoking and gentle cooking.The whole structure is lined with floating fire brick, providing a hearth for pots, heating irons, coal cooking or even flatbread baking. The brick is easily replaceable over time, ensuring a long life. Available freestanding or for build-in."

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