Inheriting Hobbies, or How I Got My Green Thumb

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My parents came to visit this Saturday. That afternoon I bought a new fig plant for my sitting room, clematis for my backyard, and daffodils to put in the guest bedroom. I smiled to myself when my mom and dad brought me a begonia and a hyacinth. We love plants.

My dad, who edited a magazine called Houseplants & Porch Gardens in the 80s, cultivates seedlings every year. He grows lemongrass and kaffir lime plants in the Pennsylvania home I grew up in. While he tends to work on edibles, my mom focuses on flowers. On Saturday, she pointed out that I could plant the bulb of the hyacinth she had given me.

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Whether it's personality or profession, we become like our parents in many ways. I don't share my dad's love of (slash obsession with) golf or my mom's need to swim laps, but I do have more than 15 plants in my house.

What hobbies and interests do you share with your parents and family?

(Images: Kim Rinehimer)

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