Inmod Design Studio Customized Bedding

Inmod Design Studio Customized Bedding

Gregory Han
Mar 22, 2007

Nowadays you customize just about anything: create personalized sneakers using Nike I.D., or pimp out your laptop in almost any colour, or even custom print your own M&M's with personalized messages! But how about this: Design Your Own Modern Bedding, an online customization service offered by Inmod Design Studio.

A five step process that begins with a selection of fabrics (cotton, linen/cotton blend, silk dupioni or silk taffeta. Next you select from 17 available patterns, then a base colour, followed by embroidery colour. Wait 4-6 weeks and you've got bedding you've art directed to your specifications (well, at least in a colouring book sort of way).

Our customized cotton queen size duvet came out to $171...not bad, but a bit steep for just picking out a few colours. But if they expanded the designs and details further, or even allowed for uploads of customized images...well now then, we'd get into bed with this service in a jiffy.

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