Is it possible to fall in love with a lighting company? I think I did at Euroluce, the biannual show-within-a-show at Salone that focuses on lighting design. Cupid's arrow struck while I was at the Vibia booth — just look at these lovely lights…

Shown above:
1. Match Chandeliers
2.Origami Sconces by Ramon Esteve
3 Fold by Arik Levy
4. Puck Sconces by Jordi Vilardell
5. Plus by X. Claramunt

6. Match Chandeliers
7. Palo Alto Lighted Cabana by J. LL. Xucia
8. Link Ceiling Lighting by Ramon Esteve
9. Link Sconces by Ramon Esteve
10. Origami Sconces by Ramon Esteve


Images: Janel Laban