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Name: Josh
Location: Moscow
Size: 350 sqft, 1 bdrm sublet next door to the British Embassy (great security)
Favorite: The prime location and that the rather small, space-ship shower stall, can still accommodate two people at the same time.

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Today's home is meant to remind us of the luxury of self-determination. Let's be grateful for the power to make our own aesthetic mark on our homes. Those who sublet are not as lucky. And those who sublet in Moscow have to be especially creative to find that which to celebrate...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

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Josh works for an NGO and lives in Moscow. He has a lot of experience living all over the former Soviet Union so he knows that he should be grateful for a number of things about his apartment: that it has white walls that aren't covered with unfortunate wallpaper or hanging carpets, that the floors are wood and not covered in linoleum or culturally specific carpeting, and that there is a minimum of soviet kitsch not including crystal figurines in the wall unit, chandeliers, or angel moulds on the walls.

Although he will never get used to the brown crushed velvet curtains, he appreciates the apartment's high ceilings. As for the couch, Josh writes, "like most sofas in this city, it is upholstered with this hideous chinese velvety pattern. it has been my mission to find something better to cover it with--and so it seems that whenever i see a nice blanket on sale somewhere in the city, I buy it, but then decide that it's too nice to be a cover. So, i'm still looking around for a better solution."

Josh looks forward to further improving the space by hanging two antique Soviet Propoganda posters he found in a vintage shop. He also wants to buy one of the ubiquitous shag carpets on sale in Moscow, and go 'groovy.'

As far as his fellow Muscovites, he has this to say: "I think classical Freudian therapy 4 times a week is only supposed to last for 4 years. If you saw some of the apartments I've seen here in Moscow, I'd say that that they would need about 20 years of apartment therapy, 7 days a week, 365 days a year."

Originally Posted on November 22, 2006
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