House Tour: Ofer's Clutter Free Home

New York

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Name: Ofer
Location: Gramercy Park
Size: 600 sqft
Favorite: the light and that the bed is not pushed against a wall.
Years Lived In: 1

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Ofer is a professional photographer who works out of his home. Because he spends most of his day indoors, Ofer's goal, while apartment hunting, was to find something that would feel as close as possible to being outside. This apartment comes pretty close. It has huge windows with lots of light, and is on a high floor, far away from street bustle...
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Inside Out Video.
Take a walk through the apartment.

On the day I was there, the windows were open wide and fresh air filled the room. "I'd like to be even quirkier, personally," said Ofer as I walked into his apartment. The space has plenty of furniture but feels spartan and clean because of the huge expanses of very white, white walls.

Instead of making more collages on paper, Ofer started to think of his small object collections as a type of 3-d collage. "I started collecting little objects when I moved in here," says Ofer. Each object has been chosen for its significance and its potential relationship to the other objects. There will never be too many objects, however as Ofer claims he finds it "hard to think when there's too much stuff everywhere...too much clutter."

My Style Eclectic modern.
Favorite element Wood
Biggest Challenge Having a place to live and to work.
Biggest Embarrassment The Kitchen and the kitchen ceiling.
Proudest DIY Hanging up my collection of things on the wall.
Biggest Indulgence Sofa.

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Originally Posted November 29, 2006