Inside Out: Open House green green

Inside Out: Open House green green

Jill Slater
Dec 6, 2006

Name: David Bergman
Location: Village
Size: 1800 sqft
Favorite: The fact that it looks good and is made with sustainable materials and practices
Years Lived In: 0

Open House NY is one of our favorite weekends of the year, not surprisingly. We get to peek into even more homes to see how NYers live. This year's weekend was in early October and we checked out some of those apartments touted as sustainable.

David Bergman is an achitect who has taken on the challenge of going green for his client in his loft near NYU. Although David admits that not everything is 100% sustainable, there are many elements that will ensure lower energy bills for the owner of this apartment.

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The heating, window treatments, lighting, and appliances maximize energy while reducing expenses. The materials used for construction often come from sustainable sources and include bamboo, recycled glass, and sustainably harvested maple.

From an aesthetic perspective the bathroom and kitchen are coming along beautifully and feel cool and embracing at the same time. And you have to love that wall of shelving by the window! The client requested that there be enough space for all of his books. These shelves, and the low-lying ones along the opposite wall should do the trick.

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