Inside Queen Elizabeth's Childhood Playhouse

Want to see the British royal version of a sheet fort? The BBC gives the public a tour of Queen Elizabeth's childhood playhouse, built in 1932 when she was only six years old. Princess Beatrice recently helped remodel the mini house, as a tribute to her grandmother's sixty years as Queen of England.

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Modeled after a traditional Welsh cottage, the mini building is two-thirds the size of a real house. It has a thatched roof and whitewashed walls, along with functional plumbing and lighting. Inside is 1930s period furniture and decor. Eighty years after it was built, it still lives on the grounds of Windsor's Royal Lodge.

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Click here for information on the video, featuring Beatrice herself. It is part of a three part BBC series, called the The Diamond Queen.

(Images: The Royal Windsor Website,

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