Inspiration: 5 Things Series at Rearranged Design

Inspiration: 5 Things Series at Rearranged Design

Lily Gahagan
Aug 15, 2008

We're going to be moving in the next couple weeks, and as we begin to take stock of our belongings we've come to one definite conclusion - there's a lot of crap lying around here. That's why we've got to hand it to Ana of Rearranged Design, whose new series follows her each week as she takes 5 things and moves them out of her home for good.

That's not to say that everything gets tossed; if it's in good condition it can go to Goodwill, eBay, or a home of a friend where it will be more appreciated. Whatever the case, it's a small way to continue the Cure process throughout the year, so you're not swimming in superfluous stuff by the time the next one rolls around.

Look for Ana's 5 Things posts every week at Rearranged Design, and you can join the Flickr group and add your own images here.

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