We love plants, so seeing many of them in any house or an outdoor space is always a nice surprise. In this particular example the courtyard that appears to be the center of this house has a very serene atmosphere. All the light, the beautiful plants, and the rug in the middle feel very welcoming. The arrangement of things seems arbitrary, but we love the look. The cut flowers in metal buckets add to this peaceful composition.

We came across these photos on the Les Petites Choses de Piou blog. We can't seem to find more information about this particular house. We know that Ryue Nishizawa from SANAA, a Japanese architecture firm, has something to do with it. The SANAA chair designed for Nextmaruni Chair Museum is present in the pictures as well. To learn more about their work check out the designboom blog. If you have any information on this house, please comment below, as we would love to see more of the interior.

Photos: ryuenishizawa.com