(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

We think it might be...at least in the top 10. We literally gasped when we found this photo on Swedish real estate site, Alvhem. It's such a simple arrangement, with just a few key components used to create the ultimate hang-out spot...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
  • The most obvious ingredient in this arrangement is the incredible arched window. Not easy to find, but if you have a floor-to-ceiling window or one that's low to the floor, you can recreate this look.
  • Floor cushions create a much more casual vibe than a built-in window seat or bench. Propped up against the wall, they offer a cozy place to lay back and relax.
  • A rug creates padding on the floor, while a blanket makes this nook even more inviting.
  • A sculptural floor lamp offers reading light low to the ground, while tealights on the window ledge create a soft glow at night. Stacks of magazines and books are waiting to be leafed through.
  • A breakfast tray offers a flat, rimmed surface to rest your coffee.
  • Two simple, white flower containers bring balance to the far corner of the nook.


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(Photos: Alvhem)