A Spectrum of Inspiration: Rooms in Every Color

Pick a color, any color! In the quest for the perfect punch of pigment for your home, here are some rooms in every color of the spectrum — and then some.• Bold, bright reds make a definite statement, especially in the bedroom! This room, seen in House to Home, brings us a graphic ruby room. • Seen in Anthology Magazine, this room goes for the gold — or rather, fucsia. While not for the faint of heart, this pink room is as bright as it gets! • Bold orange and pink, especially in a large graphic pattern, create drama in this bedroom, in Lonny Magazine. • Soft pink can add a gorgeous touch of color without overpowering the senses, like this room in Martha Stewart. • Lonny Magazine is always lush with great examples of colorful rooms---much like this bold orange board room. • Martha Stewart knows color, and this room, rich with rusty orange, is no exception. • Domino Magazine featured this beautiful room bathed in soft, sunny yellow. • Citrus yellow and green colors create a vintage glow with pops of gold as accent, in Lonny Magazine. • Rich emerald green on the walls makes for amazing contrast---especially with black and white artwork. Seen here in Rue Magazine. • If you're going to bring royal blue into your room, why not go all the way, like this room seen in an archived issue of Domino Magazine. • House to Home brings us this classic room with a twist of modern decor, which bridges the transition from blue to purple. • Lush lavenders bring a calm, but powerful bit of color to this room seen in Elle Decor. • Found in one of Real Simple magazine's inspirational galleries, this room is lavish with plums and aubergines, with allusions to royalty and regality. • Lonny Magazine showcases this room with sumptuous chocolate brown and mocha, creating a rich and sophisticated palette.

Images: As credited above.