Inspiration: Adding Flowers and Plants to the Kitchen and Bath

Inspiration: Adding Flowers and Plants to the Kitchen and Bath

Laure Joliet
Mar 11, 2009

As part of the Cure one of the assignments is to begin buying fresh flowers for your apartment (along with cooking meals at home) to bring some life into the space, and in many ways start coaxing some more joy and inspiration into our homes. We've noticed that as soon as we add a vase of fresh flowers to a table we suddenly have the motivation to clear the clutter away. So in places like the kitchen and bathroom that get a lot of use, we love the idea of bringing a little bit more life and beauty inside in the form of cut flowers and great houseplants:

Consider an indoor herb garden for the kitchen. Our sister site, the kitchn has tons of how to's and ideas, or try our directions.

An Orchid lasts a long time and gets along with the humidity in the bathroom. They need light but not strong direct light so as long as your bathroom gets some light it should thrive.

You can try succulents in the bathroom, though we'd really only recommend them if you've got a lot of light and keep their soil well drained.

Check out the best plants for the bathroom and cross check it with these foolproof houseplants.

This is one of our all time favorite set ups. We originally used this imgae from Jeana Sohn in our post about slowing down but since then it has inspired us to add some hanging plants to sunny spots. We love the idea of some of these plants in the kitchen window or even the bathroom if you get enough light.

If you've got a windowsill, try growing some bulbs or even a potato (you know, cut it in half, add toothpicks to either side and rest it half submerged in water--it'll sprout pretty quickly).

Yellow Tulips on top of the fridge bring a pop of color and also add a nice focal point in an unusual place. PLus tulips are in season now and we just picked some up at trader joe's for about $5.

The Kitchn also has a great roundup of Living Plants in the Kitchen including this image of a warm and cozy kitchen with some potted plants and also some nice stacks of books to make it feel lived in and alive. Also check out the plants in Abby's Mom's Kitchen.

For the bathroom, airplants are a great possibility since they live off the moisture in the air and are fairly indestructable, not needing much care or light.

Check out our flower round up for tips, tricks and more pics.

Top image is from the Kitchn--Beautify: Flowers in the Kitchen

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