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We had the pleasure of attending an event last week in Austin with the purpose of attempting to unite and share resources with all the organizations working on building a better community through affordable housing. With the state of our economy right now, it was a hope-filled and much needed meeting...

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Thankfully for Austin residents, many architects, designers and organizers are working on affordable housing projects with lots of events planned throughout the year, and we'll try and update you on specific organizations' work in future posts.
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The meeting last week was held at the AIA Center for Architecture, and we had the pleasure of viewing the displays of the 99k House Competition that were on loan from the Architecture Center Houston. The theme of the competition, to build a 1400 sq.ft. home sustainabily and under $99,000, inspired a lot of submissions, and the submissions themselves inspire hope for the future of housing. Whether you just find the idea of building a home under a $100,000 interesting or you yourself are trying to keep the costs of a green building project down, check out the rest of the submissions and their solutions on the competition's website.

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What organizations or firms are working on tackling the problem of affordable housing in your city? Do you think our recent economic woes will make things worse, or inspire change? Let us know!

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