Inspiration: Attic Bathrooms

Inspiration: Attic Bathrooms


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When we were little, attics held special appeal as places to find treasure, or cozy retreats to read a book or play make-believe. These days, we get the same alone-time joy from reading a book in the tub. So why not combine the two?

1 Wood grain and a palate of light blue, white and gray play on the dreamy feel of this bathroom in Homes & Gardens
2 We love how the carved screen interacts with the steeply pitched roof of this suite from The Iron Gate Hotel and Suites in the Czech Republic
3 Skylights are a great way to use the typically pitched roof of an attic. From Ideal Home.
4 The knobby wood used to house the tub and sink make this bathroom from La Crepelliere in Normandy, France, look almost Ikea-hackable.
5 Shelving built into the eaves of this attic bathroom are used to hold the pink accents that make this bathroom in West Buccleuch House in Scotland cute and sweet.

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