Inspiration: Craftsman Joseph Zambarano

Inspiration: Craftsman Joseph Zambarano

Adrienne Breaux
Nov 3, 2008

We did a house tour awhile ago of the great modern home of Kim and Paul in South Austin that featured, among a great aesthetic, an awesome glossy yellow central staircase with built-in storage. While the design of the home was from the local architect MJ Neal, the craftsman who made it possible was Joseph Zambarano, and the rest of his work is quite inspiring! More after the jump...

We loved all the simple yet modern cabinetry and furniture featured in his portfolio. Just check out this great banquette! This craftsman definitely represents the innovative design style seen with most Austin artists. We also found the storage ideas featured in many of the projects he's worked on very inspiring. You might get ideas for your own homes on his website!

What are some of the most innovative cabinetry or storage ideas you've seen lately? Let us know!

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